This is Your Wake Up Call – It’s Monday!

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Did you say it’s Monday again? Where’s my morning coffee? Let me holler at my maid to bring me a cup of Joe. Oh wait…I just remembered, I don’t have a maid. What a bummer! Okay, okay that’s alright. I’ll make my own. While I do that why not enjoy…


 Ahhh, that’s better. Now….

Hopefully the rest of the day you will be like a…


and have a rock’n good time!

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This week’s questions:

1.  Who would be your dream celebrity date?   If I were 30 years younger (and tomselleckso was he), then I think my dream celebrity date would be Tom Selleck.  He is the only actor I can recall who I had somewhat of a crush on.  Personally, it’s difficult for me to think about a dream date when I’m married, you know what I mean?  About the time I discovered Tom, I was already married.  With that being said, my heart could not be swept away completely by his good-looks and charm.  Another place…another time Tom and  then maybe things might be different. lol 🙂

foodsensitivies2.  Do you have any food restrictions?  I do have food restrictions, to fish, pecans, and diary.  My sensitivity level is mild.  So, I find myself having these foods when the mood hits me.


3.  How much time do you take to get ready in the morning? Whenever we have a scheduled appointment, then we allow 2 hours to get out the door.  This isn’t just for me but the whole family. If it were only me, then I could be ready to leave the house in an hour or less. 

bacon-vs-sausage4.  Sausage or bacon?   I love both, but if I had to pick only one without guilt then it would be bacon.  Bacon and eggs, bacon-lettuce-tomato sandwiches, bacon in my salad, or bacon in beans/soup.  There are so many good ways to have your bacon and eat it, too.

5.  Do you Google, Bing or Yahoo?  I use Google.  I’ve tried Bing, but I forget about it and so Google gets used routinely by me a thousand times each day.googles-new-logo


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 Have a marvelous Monday!



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24 thoughts on “This is Your Wake Up Call – It’s Monday!

  1. Kelijuul

    Weird……….very weird. I was just at your blog…and then you were at mine. I enjoyed some of your music and I do enjoy your writing. thanks for following.

  2. cathykennedy

    Weird indeed! Maybe, we were just having one of those ‘great mind think alike’ moments. Thanks for visiting. =D

  3. cathykennedy

    Yes, I loved him in Magnum PI, too. That’s where I first met him. Have you seen him in the movie, “Her Alibi”? That’s such a funny movie. Check it out, if you haven’t.

  4. cathykennedy

    At least my food allergies won’t kill me or least quickly. I may have one of those slow killing kind. You know, you never know what’s happening until it’s too late kind of thing. Who knows what I’m doing to myself when I have diary or pecans? Well, I know what it’s doing, but the total eaffects may not reveal itself in nature until one day when i least expect it.

  5. Amanda Nicole

    I’m deathly allergic to soy, which means not only do I have food restrictions I have medicine restrictions. A ton of medicines use soy as a binder. My pharmacist rolls his eyes when he sees me and calls my doctor’s offices before I even hand over the script. 🙂

    I’m not sure I could handle a lack of fish, though. No fish during pregnancy is killing me!

  6. Rosidah Abidin

    Ah, this post is so me. I Feel Good is one of my favorite songs to cheer my mood. I also enjoyed to read your answers to Java’s meme. I remember the Tom Selleck era very well :). Have a blessed day.

    Thanks for visiting me, I’m your newest follower too now.

  7. Xmasdolly

    Oh yeah, get down — watch it now! da da da da da da da! James Brown oooo Lordy I haven’t listened to him in a while! Great choices there girlfriend. Thanks for hooking up with us & hope to see you next week too!

  8. Alicia C.

    Thanks for stopping by!
    I have to agree with you on the bacon thing. I like sausage, but it’s pretty limited as an ingredient. But bacon… you can put it in CHOCOLATE and have it turn out amazing!

  9. Cathy Kennedy

    Who doesn’t remember Tom? Most women who are over the age of 20 should know who the man is. He gained popularity in Magnum PI, but then again hit another plateau when he became a regular on Friends. He’s still a good looking man for his age.

  10. Cathy Kennedy

    I love bacon, but for some reason chocolate and bacon don’t seem like a winner combination. However, I’m not opposed to trying it. Just send some my way fro taste test.


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