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Who hates to make a special trip to the salon to get a haircut?  I, for one, do!  It requires a huge block of time out of my chaotic day and it’s expensive.  I haven’t been to a hair salon in over 20 years.  No, my hair is draping to the floor like Rapunzel.


Years ago, my husband discovered a nifty product called a Flowbee.  Originally, he wanted it for himself. He keeps his hair very short and hated using clippers.  You know the danger of using clippers, don’t you?  A slight slip of the hand and you have a disaster!

The Flowbee comes with removable attachments, which can be joined to easily adjust the length of cut you want.  This made using the Flowbee appealing to me.  My hair barely touches my shoulders so this device works excellent for my hair grooming needs which I have used for two decades now.

Thursday Two Questions
My Thursday Two Questions are:
  1. Do you visit a hair salon regularly? If so, how often?
  2. How much do you usually pay for only a hair cut?

Lori Caswell of Dollycas’s Thoughts  Escape with Dollycas asks these questions for Week 32:

1. Do you eat breakfast every morning?yes


2. What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

I love just about any kind of boxed cereal.  I have a particular fondness for Cheerios with bananas, but when we have cereal it usually is Quaker Old-fashion Oatmeal or Cream of Wheat.  These are not only more economical but a more solid breakfast cereal to stick with you throughout the morning longer than sugary instant cereals.  Instead of sweetening these hot cereals with sugar, my hubs likes to use an all-fruit preserve like Smucker’s Simply Fruit and I prefer to use Splenda.  Either way, it’s tasty and good for you!

3. What is your favorite brand and flavor of yogurt?

I’m not a big yogurt fan, but I do enjoy it every once it awhile.  When I do have it, I like the Activia berry flavored ones the best.  What’s interesting about Dannon’s Activia fruit flavors is it’s not overly sweet tasting like some yogurt is.  In fact, the vanilla Activia reminds me of pudding and is quite good.

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12 thoughts on “Don’t Get Left Behind {More Thursday Memes}

  1. Cathy Kennedy

    I don’t miss going to the salon, either. Thankfully, my hair grows slow, too. It’s always nice to find ways to save money. Every thing continues to get more and more costly.

  2. JamericanSpice

    Oooh I hated going to the salon too! I stopped going about four years now and I do not miss it at all.

    I don’t have fast growing hair so I don’t have a need to cut it and I make do with hair I purchase.

    I also started cutting my son’s hair since he was a baby and now that he is going to school I do pretty good and don’t have to pay for it to be done.

    Ooh one less expense there.

    I don’t remember what I paid for my haircuts / hair do way back when, but it was expensive!!! and climbing!


  3. Cathy Kennedy

    Oh the price, we women have to pay to look gorgeous! I color my hair, too, at home on occasion, which is very economical. I haven’t mastered which color looks best, though, and that can be frustrating. I don’t mind learning, if it helps my wallet. =D Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Squirrel Queen

    I hate going to the salon, like you it take a big chunk of time out of a day. I usually go about three times a year for a cut and color. I believe they charge about $35 for a cut.

  5. Margaret Duarte

    You are so fortunate, Cathy, to have found a way to cut your hair that works for you. I’ve been going to the same hair stylist for 30 years, a cut and highlight every three months. I don’t even want to think about how much this has cost over the years (plus tips). Probably enough to buy a small house!

  6. cathykennedy

    A $10 hair cut isn’t bad. Way to go for you! I like whole grain cereals. I use Bob’s Red Mill Flaxseed powder regularly, which is very good for you. Thanks for the visit.

  7. cathykennedy

    Thanks for visiting today, Ewa. What you spend is approximately $43US dollars. That’s not too bad since you only do it twice a year, but if you had to spend that every three months then that would ouch a bit, huh?

  8. cathykennedy

    I know how expensive it use to be when I worked prior to motherhood. I’d get a cut and perm about every 3 months, so I can relate to your expense. I shutter to think what it’s like now.

  9. Ewa

    I do go to hair salon around once or twice a year just for a cut that will cost me about 30 euro, but I do the colour myself as it costs too much to have it done by the specialist

  10. Regina

    Hi there..well I spend roughly either $10- (just a quick trim $15.00). (a little more). I found a lady who is really good and fast. She doesn’t take appointments so sometimes it involves a you just bring something to read. That Flowbee looks like something I’d see in my husband’s shop! I cut his hair (he insists) but it’s wavy so really it isn’t too hard. Thanks..that’s interesting and I’ll keep it in mind.
    On the cereal (just finished mine) I enjoy 10 grain cereal with Musli..I mix them half half (Bob’s Red Mill). Mee too on the yogurt..once in awhile but don’t think I tried the Activia?
    Wishig you an enjoyable weekend~

  11. cathykennedy

    That’s cool, you have hair stylist connections. I know this is a bargain considering the cost of going to a salon. Thanks for playing today!

  12. Amanda / Self Sagacity

    1) No I do not, I wear my hair in a bun quite a bit, so I don’t need to visit often. When I used to color my hair, it’s every six weeks.
    2) I don’t have to pay for my hair cuts or trims, my sister or friend are hair stylists. If I do pay for a trim it’s $25.


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