10 Signs You Know When Your Teenager Might Be In Trouble:

10 Signs You Know When Your Teenager Might Be In…


1.   His voice grows suddenly deep or high-pitched or he clears his throat a lot.

2.   He quickly comes up with an excuse about why he has to leave the room. “I need to go to the bathroom NOW.”

3.   His eyes dart wildly in search for a good answer as he shifts uneasily in his chair.

4.   He leaves evidence in plain sight, “Why is there an empty half-gallon ice cream carton behind the sofa?”

5.   He whispers when on the phone.

6.   He’s quick to deny everything, “NO, I didn’t break Mr. Jones’ window.”

7.   He tries to change the conversation, “When did you say grandpa’s surgery is going to be?”

8.   He makes it sound like you’re being ridiculous, “What?” squints entire face. ” I know better than that MOM!”

9.   He tests the waters by throwing out a hypothetical scenario about a ‘friend’, “So what’s the big deal with Tommy sneaking out of the house and borrowing his parents’ car?”

10.  The granddaddy of them all is when he pulls out the old guilt trip.  He slumps his head toward his chest and says, “Oh, I just love it when you always assume the worst about me.”

How do you know, when your teen is in trouble?

**Assignment #2 of Darren Rowse’s 31-DBBB Challenge ‘Write A List Post’, from 31 Days Blog Challenge**





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  • Geralynne

    Boy, does this list sound familiar. But you forgot the real tell: He does something nice for no reason at all. Hmm…

  • Donnie

    My boys are now men and I’m glad that era is over. I waited up for my sons when they were out of the house and always kissed them goodnight. If you smell Scope or Listerine they might be smoking/chewing…lol…That’s how I caught one of mine.

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