Thursday Two Questions

Thursday Two Questions – Thanksgiving

It’s time to play Thursday Two Questions a meme hosted by Blessing Reflections! Join me now, as we continue this cyber journey to get better acquainted.

This is early, I know, but I love traditions!  Especially, for the holidays.  There is something almost scared about well thought out plans for Thanksgiving and Christmas.  The aroma of sage basted turkey floating through the house or the spicy pumpkin scent cascading from the oven to my nose embraces my being with a secure warmth.

As I said, I’m a traditionalist. I fix the usual for Thanksgiving and Christmas: ham, turkey, dressing, green beans, sweet potatoes, pumpkin pies, pecan pies, black walnut cake (for Christmas) cranberry compote, and yeast rolls.  There isn’t anything fancy in the way I prepare my dishes, but the meal turns out fabulous or at least that’s what I’m told.


Prior to preparing my mouth-watering meal, I painstakingly set up our 6′ feet artificial Christmas with the help of my son.  We string about 800-1000 tiny Christmas lights on our beautiful fake tree, which we got through Christmas In America.   We don’t put the ornaments on until a time we can do it as a family, which is usually the weekend we have our Thanksgiving meal.

This is just a teeny look into our family holiday traditions.  Now, here are my Thursday Two Questions:


1.  Do you do anything special or unusual in preparing any of these typical traditional Thanksgiving dishes included in our meal or do you prepare a non-traditional menu?

2. Do you and your family enjoy watching the American icons on Thanksgiving: Macy’s Day Parade and pro football?Save



I born and raised in the Appalachian mountains of southern WV. I was a child bride when I married my high school sweetheart in 1979. We moved to Knoxville, TN to begin our life. Determined to prove nay-Sayers from our community wrong, I completed my education and went on to earn an A.S. in computer programming. From 1983-1987, I worked as a computer system’s manager. That’s a glorified title for someone who trouble shoots and maintains system back-ups. After the birth of our first child in 1988, I took early retirement. What have I been doing for the last 25+ years? I am proud to say, I am a SAHM and for most of those years I home-schooled our three children from K-12. Now, the nest is empty.


  • KD

    I love the holiday season, and I love the traditions, too…so much to look forward to. My favourite holiday tradition is on Christmas eve…everyone gets to choose one gift to open. As a child, I agonized over which gift it would be. Now I get to watch my children do the same!

  • SquirrelQueen

    The last few years we have been in CA for Thanksgiving and dinner was at family or friends houses. It has been awhile since I actually prepared Thanksgiving dinner but when I did the menu was very similar to yours. It’s just the two of us this year so no big dinner in fact we might eat out.

    I usually have The Macy’s Parade on but we are not really big football fans.

  • DoanLegacy

    We have pot luck dinner, usually whatever people want to bring, so it’s a mixed of everything, not very traditional.

    We watch Macy’s Parade in the morning!

  • Self Sagacity

    Dear Cathy, 1) Thanksgiving has to be one of the saddest holidays for me and SO. WE have no traditions, complicate family with complicate divisions. So we never know who we have around this time. SO and I usually just spend time driving around looking for food- kind of funny. Now we have Trinity and we can start our own tradition….we don’t have one yet.
    2) No, we are TV anorexics.

  • Donnie

    We’re pretty traditional except we have dinner with friends instead of family at Thanksgiving because we’re in Florida for the winter.

    We try to watch the parade but hubby’s not interested in Football.

  • Poetic Shutterbug

    Traditions are always wonderful.

    1. My Mom and I used to cook the entire Thanksgiving meal until she passed away. Now we go to my Brother’s and his family where they do all the cooking. My job is to bring dessert and wine.

    2. We always watch the pro football game then have dinner then end up watching a movie.

  • Margaret Duarte

    Hi Cathy. First of all, can I come to your house for holiday meals? Wow! Your family must love you. I absolutely hate to cook, possibly because my mother and my mother-in-law both lived within walking distance and insisted on having us over every holiday until they passed away. That meant, I rarely had to bake or cook anything more than a side dish or dessert. Now, I’m lucky that my daughter-in-law has taken over. With a huge basement, she keeps it permanently set up for parties. Lucky me. The food is delicious but more of a potluck since everyone brings something. Much tradtional food, but also new stuff every year. We love to watch the Macy’s parade if there is time.

  • Cathy Kennedy

    @IcyBC…sounds wonderful to have such a helper in the kitchen spreading out a fine feast as you described. Mmmm, my mouth is watering!
    @Carol…let me send warm wishes for a feastive holiday season as well and thank you, dear, for stopping by my blog today.

  • ♥-Icy BC-♥

    1) My oldest son loves to cook, and he is preparing a traditional Thanksgiving feast: turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, green bean casserole, and pumpkin pie..yum!

    2) We do watch the parade on television, switching between Marcy and our local parade..

  • Cathy Kennedy

    @Patrice…the pic of the Christmas tree is off the web, I must admit. I will have to snap a few pics this year to share, though. Our home is, but a quaint spot. This photo looks like the home may be rather large. It gives a cozy sense, though, doesn’t it?

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